FRAN-CHAR is the leading distributor of Non Slip American porcelain tiles in Africa and the Middle east since 2008. We have strategic partnership with factories in the US to promote their tiles in Africa and the Middle East. We supply cutting edge porcelain tiles and mosaic tiles to our clients and customers; investing our attention in understanding and meeting their needs. We believe porcelain tiles and mosaic tiles design should be able to kindle emotion in order to inspire action, and that's why we continually strive to promote porcelain tiles that look natural and environmentally friendly. We stock millions of square feet of Porcelain tiles, mosaic tiles in the factories in the US waiting to be shipped. Our tiles are ideal for all flooring needs both indoor and outdoor and can be used as kitchen tiles and bathroom tiles exquisitely adding beauty to any space or intended commercial or residential application. Some of our clients- architects, engineers, hoteliers and home owners, have consistently bought our products and we are proud of the partnership and opportunity they repose in us to consistently meet their needs.


FRAN-CHAR's mission is to be a dominant player in the construction industry in Africa and the Middle east. This mission is strengthened through a promotional campaign and marketing of Made in USA Porcelain tiles.
We believe our first responsibility is to the architects, engineers, hoteliers, builders, fitters, home owners and all who use and recommend our products.
In meeting their needs, everything we do must be of high quality, matching our words with action and remaining dynamic.
Our focus is on enabling people experience the quality of Non Slip American porcelain tiles.
If it's not the best and does not solve the customer PAIN, we let someone else get involved. 


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