American Porcelain tiles adoption community

By Charles Onwugbene 10 Dec, 2016

It is a challenge for societies to adopt new ideas even when the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Let’s dig in, firstly, let’s define the word innovation. Innovation in our context will mean a new practice, trend, idea or product. For an innovation to diffuse and be widely adopted overtime it should be tolerant and compatible with the beliefs and values of the community or individual adopting it. For the avoidance of confusion, I want to define diffusion as a type of social change, that will have a desired positive adoption rate if it is properly communicated overtime. Societies that have consistently used and adopted unsafe mirror-shine slippery tiles will be challenged and somehow resist the change of the status-quo with the introduction of safe non-slip porcelain tiles. Some new ideas will require a good length of time before they are diffused and adopted.

Challenging the status-quo will entail distribution of safe non-slip porcelain tiles that solve the society’s pain or implement a solution in the market where it will be adopted.

Ceramic tiles has been used over the years to meet flooring needs so, introduction and diffusion of the use of porcelain tiles will be tantamount to a camel going through the eye of the needle. Change of the status-quo to gain accelerated adoption rate must go beyond what the industry knows and strive to help the community embrace everything that inspires positive social change. Asking the What if…? questions can lead to the provocation of thought that can lead to adoption of the new idea.

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