Why choose our tiles

Why Choose our porcelain tiles and mosaic tiles?
fran-char porcelain tiles used on L.A Kings hotel


Fine porcelain stoneware features an extremely dense and impact-resistant body with low water absorption that makes it "outdoor" friendly. FRAN-CHAR's color body American porcelain tiles are manufactured with continuous colored stains from the glazed surface throughout the body of the tile. Our glazed porcelain tiles has an impervious facial finish fused to an impervious porcelain body. The body color can differ from the surface color. All the benefits of porcelain, i.e. fade resistance, stain resistance, durability, hardness and ease of maintenance are present- but at a more economical cost.


Vintage, revisited and revived for modern dwellings and public flooring - that's the takeaway with our products, FRAN-CHAR's newest wood plank series. The artisan feel of hand-scraped, hand-oiled hardwood is authentically reproduced on a strong and durable porcelain body that withstands rigors- water, stains, and harsh weather conditions- that are often the nemesis of real wood. So when used outside it's OK. In extreme heat or cold conditions; there's no peeling, fading or cracking. Wonderful in showers, bathroom flooring, saunas and pool decks.
fran-char porcelain tiles for sitting room

unique flooring tiles


Family, visitors, employers, customers and employees- all deserve safe and hygienic places to live, work and play. Our American porcelain tiles addresses these important issues because it is non-inflammable, holds no bacteria, and have a coefficient of friction that eliminates the likelihood of slip-fall accidents. Its very low water absorption also makes it resistant to molds and staining.


Our american porcelain tiles are manufactured with state-of-the-art, latest high definition graphic technology. This technology uses the latest in digital print technology, allowing for infinite design capabilities. 

unique flooring tiles


Clean, pure impervious mesh-mounted glass and natural stone mosaics captivate and catch the light. Our Glitz collection is the premiere selection for those wishing to energize their environment! Beautiful bright glass pieces with luminescent quality create a colorful and vibrant space.

  • Our metal leaf gold mosaic tile is the premium of what a glass tile should look like, with this golden glass mosaic tiles, you can make a splash on residential and commercial vertical spaces. You can light up backsplashes, pools, vanities and entire wall capes.
  • Ice-Rocks; the grandeur and the solidity of natural stone combined with the majesty and color of glass. This enables you to transform everyday rooms into magnificent spaces.

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